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Panda Guest Survey Free Entry

One of the best Chinese restaurants known from his time in US, Panda Express is a fast casual chain of restaurant started in 1983 in California. It is casual restaurant chain operates in every public places like Pub, Airport, malls, Shopping Centers parks etc. Panda express is the largest chain of Asian food in US and has more 1500 restaurants in 42 states of US.

Panda Guest Survey Free Entry

Panda express, is the only place for the yummy Chinese food in US and people loves the Asian taste over there.

Panda express was started in 1973 by 4 partners and experienced Chinese chef. Panda express is come from the parent Panda Inn which gets in chain restaurants. Andrew Chenrg is the governing body of the restaurant, which motivates his employees to work hard and deliver the best out of them, which yields great result and make the panda express the largest Asian food chain in US.

Andrew cherng with his wife has invested so many years of their hard work and honesty which retrieve the taste food same as the first dish they have prepared. In 2007, panda express has crossed the landmark of annual sales of over $1 Billion with 1300 employees. In 2008, Andrew has been rewarded by the Los Angeles Chamber of commerce for their great support to Los Angles.

Panda Express Guest Survey

Panda express has started an online survey to know the feeling of their customer about the products and services offered by them at their restaurant. The main aim to start the online survey is to let the management know about their customer experience and feedback. As these feedbacks will directly go to the management, customers have an opportunity to put their inputs for the betterment of the service and quality.

It will take only few minutes of yours to complete this survey and will help the restaurant to improvise in general. As thanks to complete this survey you will get a validation code on your email ID enter after the completion of the survey, which can be reedemed at the next visit.

How to Take Part in Panda Express Guest Survey Online?

To initiate a survey you need to have a receipt of the last visit at the restaurant with an internet access system.

Detailed instructions:
  1. Visit, and enter the 4 digit code mentioned on the top of the receipt. Survey is only in English language.
  2. You will ask to confirm the restaurant you visited through some demographic information.
  3. After that you need to enter the order number printed on the receipt.
  4. Survey will be started and you need to answer all the questions, on completion you need to enter your email address to receive a validation code. You can redeem this code at your next visit.

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