Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How to Take Part In Caribou Survey to Get a Coupon

How to Take Part In Caribou Survey to Get a Coupon

Yes it is for all coffee loves. Caribou Coffee is earning good name when it comes to coffee. It has grown widely and it is the second most popular coffee shop chain followed by Starbucks and it having more than 500 coffee houses across the country and some shops overseas too. The company has conducted The Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey to know how satisfied their customers are with it.

Take Part In Caribou Survey to Get a Coupon

You can share your experience in Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey, and do not hesitate to share your reviews; your feedback will help to make improvement in its services and caribou will appreciate your kind consideration for making time for attaining the survey and helping Caribou Coffee to advance more.

Company believes in the term customer satisfaction and to attain higher level of customer satisfaction this survey has been conducted by Caribou coffee. It will take your reviews positively and will implement your suggestions constructively for the betterment of both customers and Caribou.

Your valuable feedback by attaining this survey will lead you towards gaining a coupon code through which you can save money in your next purchase there. Attaining this survey is very easy and simple and it will take just few minutes and it can be done anywhere provided, you should be having a computer and the respective receipt.

Now, let us see what is to be done for participating in Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey:
All you need is a receipt from Caribou Coffee for your purchase and a computer that is connected to Internet.

Now, follow the following steps one by one:

Firstly, go to the website at http://www.tellcaribou.com

You will find a code on your receipt and the time, so enter both the details in the required field and hit the button marked “Start” and proceed further.

Now, the survey questions will in front of your screen, so answer it according to your experience of Caribou and complete the survey.

After completion you will be getting a Coupon Code which can be redeemed in your next visit to Caribou and get benefited with some discounts through that coupon.

So, don’t miss the chance of gaining the coupon code just by attaining the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey and make your next experience at Caribou more pleasing and welcoming.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

St Hubert Guest Satisfaction Survey - www.st-hubertopinion.com

How to Participate in st-hubertopinion.com Survey

St. Hubert is one of the finest Chicken provider dining restaurant of Canada, has started their first outlet at Montreal in 1951 as Saint Hubert Street and the same outlet is still on the map and converted into the take away point. Company claims that they are the first to start take away service in Canada. Their guest satisfaction survey official website is www.st-hubertopinion.com.

Guest Satisfaction Survey - www.st-hubertopinion.com

The company is best known for his Rotisserie chicken and became the chain of restaurant by the end of 1970. The company has a wonderful Chicken Mascot designed by Dunham and he has also designed the first television mascot for St Hubert. Company is the 16th largest chain of restaurant in Canada.

St. Hubert is not limited to the business of restaurant their primary mission is to put in effort to support  Health and well being of the people living there including women’s and children, St. Hubert foundation do things by keeping the reputation of the St.Hubert Company that totally worked for the public welfare for 60 years.

St. Hubert foundation in acquiring different charitable projects , they target the following objectives of giving Direct financial support to health and welfare, support all the organization working for public health and to provide support for the improvement of the publish health.

St-Hubert Company has currently 80 restaurants, and 17 take away locations, which deliver the best chicken and relations in bright yellow cars with the slogan: "Putt-Putt Ding-Ding”.

About St. Hubert Survey

One of the best ways to improve the performance and the service is to know about the feeling and the experience of the customer has at the visit of the restaurant. To know this, online customer survey is the best source to get all the correct information. St. Hubert Company has started an online guest customer survey to know the importance of the customer and regards their feeling about the foundation.

Survey will take only few minutes to complete and you will get a great chance to win daily and weekly coupons worth of $1000 and $100 respectively along with a great chance to win 8 GB iPod Nano instantly as a lucky winner.

How to Take Part in St. Hubert Survey?

  • One should have completed the majority age and must have the Canadian residents.
  • Keep handy the receipt of last visit at St. Hubert.
Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Go to the http://www.st-hubertopinion.com and enter the survey code printed on the receipt and click on “Start Survey”.
  2. Once you complete the survey successfully answering all the question, you will get a pop up to enter your survey code in the sweepstakes entry to win weekly $100 St. Hubert Gift Card or a daily prize of $1000 or an instant prize of a 8GB iPod Niño.
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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gold/ Silver O2 Top Up Surprises - Play Now Ducks

How To Play O2 Top-up Surprises

Gold/ Silver O2 Top Up Surprises - Play Now Ducks
There are various service providers who surprise their customers with some amazing an attractive surprises. O2 is one of them. If you an O2 network user you can even get surprises. Would you like to play an interesting duck game and get your attractive surprises? Your answer might be yes only. Top up now, play and win your O2 Surprises.

What Is O2 Surprises?

O2 brings different type of surprises for different customers every time. Company have various offers unlimited and various surprises for each player every time. There are two on-line games for players to choose from i.e. silver game and gold game. For silver game to be played, customers need to top up with £10 to play for once whereas for gold game, you need to top up with £5 more i.e. £15. Customers can get a chance to win and gain best surprises provided. Surprises , which are provided by O2, will be updated every month.

How To Play O2 Surprises?

  • One needs to be an O2 mobile network user.
  • A top up with £10 to participate in silver game, the minimal amount for a chance to win surprises.
  • Or, if you want to win better surprises and participate in gold game, you need to top up with a minimum amount of £15.
How to Top Up
  1. Visit the link i.e. www.o2.co.uk.
  2. Click “Top-up now”, now top up according to your convenience like if top-up is made for £10 or more you are gonna go in silver game or if £15 or more top-up is made, gold game will be there. The top up can be made with credit or debit card.
  3. A simple call to 4444 for free can be made even.
  4. Once you’ve topped up, a unique code from O2 Surprises in a few hours will be received.
How to Play
  1. If you have topped up with £10 or more but less then £15, click “PLAY SILVER” button on the website. But If you have topped up with £15 or more, you can choose to play Gold Game by clicking “PLAY GOLD” button.
  2. Enter the unique code you received in the new window opened with your mobile number, then click “Play” to begin your game.
  3. On the game screen, choose a duck you like as the target.
  4. Aim your water pistol at it using your mouse.
  5. Squirt water by clicking as fast as you can until you fill up the water.
  6. For silver game, you can get only one duck hooked at a time whereas for gold game, one can get three ducks hooked at one time.
  7. When you finished your game, your surprises won will appear on the screen, you can pick any one of them.
  8. Enter the details like your name and address so that the surprise you won from O2 can be delivered soon.
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Join Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey – Check Winners List

Join a Customer Satisfaction Survey at Walgreens

Walgreens is the largest chain of pharmacies in United states with over 8000 branches all across the nation and the interesting aspect is that it has now explored a wide market in groceries, personal care, Clothing, electronics, etc. and thus day by day it is becoming more famous and products available at walgreens are now widely used and it has gained trust of many across the nation.

Join Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey – Check Winners List

Customer Satisfaction Survey

To know more about customers perception regarding it and to improve and gain more customer satisfaction, survey is been conducted online. Customer feedback tells about the level of satisfaction customers are having with it and it even leads to some improvements when they receive suggestions from the customers and by conducting such survey they even are able to hold a trustworthy place in customer’s minds.

The survey includes a questionnaire which includes the questions related to the products, the quality of the product, whether customers are satisfied with it or not that is also been asked. The survey is online; it’s very simple and easy and can be done within few minutes.

By participating in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by walgreens you will be helping walgreens to improve and to gain more customer satisfaction. The services and products provided by walgreens constantly focus towards improvement and thus walgreens has achieved so much in this time period. As mentioned above walgreens is dealing with several products of various categories.

One of the interesting thing is that a prize is also planned for the people who participate in the survey and they may get chance to win $3000, that too just by filling the questionnaire asked in the survey.

Now Let us see how to participate in the customer satisfaction survey at Walgreens:

You don’t even need to go anywhere for participating in the survey, it can be done on line. All you need for it is to have a computer which is connected to Internet.

Go to the website of Walgreens customer satisfaction survey and then select the desired language.
Then, you will need to enter the Survey Number and Password Number which is printed at the bottom of the receipt and then click on the button marked “Take Survey” and carry on.

Now enter the answers of the questions accordingly and you will receive one entry into the Walgreens monthly cash sweepstakes.

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